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Crazy Busy Week 1

October 22, 2013
Jim Elmore

Welcome to our very first Blog Book Club at Trinity. We are all guinea pigs together in this endeavor, but I hope there will be more to come.

Each week I encourage you to read 2 chapters of Crazy Busy (that's enough--I know you are busy). I will post some thoughts and questions related to the chapters. Feel free to post your thoughts, and respond to each other as well. If there is another question you have or something else you wish to share, please do so. If you are really ambitious and want to do a personal study on this book you can find one at

Crazy Busy

Chapter 1 "Hello, My Name is Busy"

Kevin recalled the story of a woman from another culture who came to the US and began to introduce herself as "Busy" because that was the first thing she heard when meeting any American.

What are your brief thoughts on this chapter as it relates to the many "opportunities" you have in life?
How has culture impacted your life?

Chapter 2 "Here, There, and Gone: Three Dangers to Avoid"

What are your thoughts on the "three dangers" addressed in this chapter? Do you feel there is one that is most dangerous?

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October 22, 2013 2:26 PM

I read the first few chapters and the best nugget I took away from it was a question which I transcribed onto a post-it note and taped it to my monitor: "Am I trying to do good? Or am I trying to look good?" The answer is "YES." It speaks to one's intent in persuing the action, deed, etc., rather than the action itself. While no-one else can know my intent, I certainly do and it's a good reminder.

As for the questions above - of course the culture has impacted my life, but it's refreshing to be reminded that we ulitmately can choose not to participate or limit our engagement. Personally, I don't watch mainstream news on TV (or much TV for that matter) and my phone/computer are off most days by early evening and most weekends in their entirty. Yet, I find plenty of other things to keep me busy. :)

Of the three dangers - busyness robs one of joy, busyness can rob our hearts; and the third,  busyness can cover up rot in our souls - all ring a certain level of truth. I connected with the fact that busyness robs our dear one's of having our best; i.e. family and friends tend to get whatever is leftover after we've tended to our busyness - they get the irritable, tired, cranky, short-tempered, listless leftovers. I thought to myself that my family and friends should get the best part, not the leftover part. Now to figure out how...


October 22, 2013 8:32 PM

While reading the story of the woman who started introducing herself as "Busy", it reminded of how at times I would get so busy myself I would forget to treat people with the respect that they deserved.  When I would call my partners who worked for me into a meeting, I would see them and immediately launch into what I wanted done or what I expected of them, without even saying "Hi or How are you doing or How's the family."  Eventually when I caught myself doing this, I would then make a concious effort to first greet them and ask how things were going.

But of course when things would get so hectic and even though I would ask them how things were going, I found myself not even listening to their answer.  I was asking them how things were going just as a formality.

Here were a bunch of my partners who were hand picked, some even personally trained by me, people who I thought of as friends, whose superior work product and success reflected directly back on me as their leader (I try never to supervise, I try to lead), and I couldn't even slow myself down to actually listen to how they were doing or what they were saying.

This "busyness" showed me how selfish it can make a person.  It steals the opportunity to actually make a difference to someone.  I may not be able to help, but at least I could slow down and actually listen to someone, maybe that is all they be heard.



October 28, 2013 5:02 PM
I am trying to think back to a time when my life wasn't crazy busy. I was busy in college, busy starting out in my career. Even busier as I worked up the chain of command and took on greater responsibilities in pursuit of promotions and a desire to be able to provide the best things for my family. There have been many times when I felt burnt out, yet not sure what else I could do to continue to maintain my family's standard of living. I came to faith in Christ relatively late in life (but thankfully not TOO late) at the age of 40. I know I should read my Bible more and pray more regularly. But then the phone rings or a "fire" needs to be addressed and the next thing I know the day is almost gone. One of the best acronyms for the word BUSY I've heard was shared with me by the gentleman who led me in my sinners prayer. BUSY = Being Under Satan's Yoke. And it's not an easy yoke nor a light burden like our Lord's. There is a comment in Chapter 1 about putting in slipshod work because there wasn't time for any other kind. It's not so much the work I do on the job, but it's more the time/effort I sometimes put into preparing for Bible study or level of commitment i give in service to the church and my "neighbors". I need to constantly remind myself who my ultimate boss is and to lead with a servant's attitude. When I take the time to "be still and know that I am God", my life always seems to go so much better. In Chapter 2, the danger that resonates with me most is the danger of the heart. I can relate to the parable about the third soil, the weedy soil. It's all the worries of life that will derail my profession of faith. I like the statement "if the worries of life don't swamp us the upkeep will". I need to be strong to guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

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