Crazy Busy Week 2

October 29, 2013
Jim Elmore

Welcome to week two of our Crazy Busy book blog. I know you are probably one of those crazy busy people out there, so I'm hoping the time you are taking to read is beneficial. Personally, I am really enjoying the book. As stated last week, don't feel like you have to rush through the book. We're taking two chapters a week. This week, I especially liked chapter 4. Kevin had some really great things to share about the guilt we may feel for not doing more.

Crazy Busy--Week Two

Feel free to post any thoughts from your readings on either or both chapters

Chapter 3  The Killer P's
Kevin remarks on the various reasons for why we do the things we do (to make our selves busy)

Chapter 4  The Terror of Total Obligation
Feeling burdened by all the things we could have been doing...

Any thoughts on the seven truths to help free us from the guilt and discouragement that accompanies the "this-is-what-good-Christians-do" syndrome?


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October 30, 2013 4:16 PM

Chapter 3 I thought was interesting and true in many ways. I took two key points away from this chapter, when Rick says ‘the chaos is at least partly self-created’ and ‘…ambition for our own glory must not be confused with ambition for God’s glory’. Boy, talk about self-reflection. I truly believe we control (to a certain extent) our schedules and can minimize risk and craziness (I can choose to not enroll my son in soccer AND swimming AND chess, I can choose to not take a promotion at work because it forces me to travel too much (which I have done twice already)). I do agree that my busyness affects my family in sometimes negative or positive ways and striking that balance is what prayer is for J


In Chapter 4, the section on ‘we have different gifts and different callings’ resonated with me. The definition of success is being able to focus on your strengths and capitalize (not only for financial gain but for personal/professional growth). I totally get that I can’t take a month off to help build houses in another country (which I would really like to do) and that there are wonderful people in this world who specialize in that, who are doing a great job, who are leveraging their strengths! Like Rick says ‘Trust God for the results and, in many cases, move on.’ This rings true to something I try so hard to preach to myself, Let go and Let God.



November 11, 2013 1:25 AM

With chapter#3 I could relate to only a couple of the "killer P's" since to me, my busyness is just a result of my everyday life and happenstance. 

But Chapter #4 hit home quite a bit.  Things that I often look the other way on so as not to feel  guilty for not helping by saying to myself I cant really make an impact.  This book is actually a first step in trying to change that.  To open my eyes that I should pray more and that it will have an impact.  That my prayers should cover a wide range topics that God puts in my mind.  That prayers throughout the day on various issues are just as important as physically or financially helping.  That praying for differnet things throughout the day helps not only others, but myself and my family as I am in communication with my Savior God.