Crazy Busy Week 3

November 05, 2013
Jim Elmore

Welcome to week three. I have not only been enjoying the book, but equally enjoying the very well thought out and reflective posts some have made. Feel free to post your thoughts on what you are reading, and/or feedback on what others have said.

Chapters five and six were both encouraging and convicting. It's so easy to loose sight of our ultimate priorities and get caught up in doing a ton of important stuff.

Crazy Busy--Week Three

Feel free to post any thoughts from your readings on either or both of the chapters.

Chapter 5  Mission Creep: You Can't Serve Others without Setting Priorities

Some highlights:
"Jesus was so terrifically busy, but only with the things he was supposed to be doing"
"He understood that all the good things he could do were not necessarily the things he ought to do"
"If Jesus had to live with human limitations, we'd be foolish to think we don't"
"I can't serve others effectively without setting priorities"
"Setting priorities is an expression of love for others and for God"
"God does expect us to say no to a whole lot of good things so we can be freed up to say yes to the most important things he has for us"

Chapter 6  A Cruel Kindergarchy: You Need to Stop Freaking Out about Your Kids

Kevin makes some bold statements about the way we parent these days. "Where the future happiness and success of our children trumps all other concerns." Kindergarchy--where kids rule.

I'm really interested in your thoughts on this chapter.

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November 20, 2013 12:00 AM

What jumped out at me in Chapter 5 "Mission Creep" was the fact that Jesus also said "no" too many things around Him, that I often think He could have solved with just a thought from Himself or a wave of His hand.  It was a lesson to me.  That sometimes when I'm asked to do something, even though I know I can't, I hem and haw about it not giving a definite answer.  Whether it's because I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings or just that I was embarrassed because I didn't want to help.  I learned that instead of beating around the bush, I should just make a decision and let my yes be a yes or my no be a no.

In Chapter 6 "Cruel Kindergarchy", it reminded me of how things have changed from when I was a kid to how it is now for my kids.  When I played baseball as a kid, I practiced once a week and had one game on saturday.  Now with each of my kids, it seems like there are 2 team practices a week and another day of individual skill practice and double headers every other weekend.  The busyness has become three fold for me as well as them.  And with 5 kids, I often find myself, as my wife often reminds me, of trying to run our family as a small army with me being the general in charge, dishing out orders instead of just asking at times.  I have to remind myself that yes 5 kids at times is a bit stressful, but at other times it is 5 times the fun....