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Blog Archives: November 2013

November 13, 2013

Crazy Busy Week 4

Jim Elmore
Wow, it's already week 4. Time flies when you're busy. The two chapters this week were particularly convicting. It's amazing how something so useful can become so potentially dangerous to our souls and well being. And, tied into that is a need for "rest," for our own physical and spiritual renewal. Crazy Busy  Week 4 Deep Calls to Deep--  You are Letting the Screen Strangle Your Soul I probably marked more in this chapter than any of the rest, but here are a few restated thoughts for your pondering and/or thoughts. "The digital ...
November 05, 2013

Crazy Busy Week 3

Jim Elmore
Welcome to week three. I have not only been enjoying the book, but equally enjoying the very well thought out and reflective posts some have made. Feel free to post your thoughts on what you are reading, and/or feedback on what others have said. Chapters five and six were both encouraging and convicting. It's so easy to loose sight of our ultimate priorities and get caught up in doing a ton of important stuff. Crazy Busy--Week Three Feel free to post any thoughts from your readings on either or both of the chapters. Chapter 5  Mission ...

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